We are family farm ˝Rimbaldo˝ from the town Krk, situated on the island Krk (Croatia), here we produce jams and desserts from dry figs heeding the traditional recipe of our grandmothers.

The farm was registered in 2008 and we've been professionally engaged in fruit processing since 2014 when we re-organised and registered our fruit processing facility.
With every passing year, we tend to extend our plantation resources and increase production capacities. Our production started off by cooking in a pot and eventually we progressed to contemporary equipped processing facility that corresponds to the high standards of hygiene stipulated by the HACCP standard. Our efforts have been recognized by the institutions which awarded us with the EU funds.



Our fruit is grown naturally, without any use of chemicals and it is fertilised with manure as well as mulched with hay.

We do not use any additives or artificial flavouring in our processing.



We offer five varieties of fruit jams, dried fig cake and dry figs in chocolate.


We're constantly investing into our business

which resulted in increased production and helped us reach the position of one of the leading producers of jams and fig products on the island of Krk.
Our products can be found on the Krk Island in several local stores, souvenir shops and likewise

at our own booth on Kamplin square in the town of Krk, such as the well renowned ˝Krk fair˝ and the ˝Fair of figs˝.